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Will They Be Heard?

Where then is the consultation? The approach smacks of attitudes of racial superiority more appropriate to the 19th Century than this one.

This is an edited extract of the introduction to a report, co-authored by Professor Nicholson, on the consultations held by the Federal government over the future of the Northern Territory Intervention. Read the full document Here

This Report has its genesis in the great work done by the group known as ‘concerned Australians’ in conjunction with the relevant Aboriginal Communities in the Northern Territory, and in the tireless enthusiasm of one of the co-authors Michele Harris. We are particularly fortunate to have the involvement of the other co-authors Larissa Behrendt and Nicole Watson, both of whom are Aboriginal and Alison Vivian, who bring their own particular knowledge and appreciation of the problems discussed.

For my part I have been an opponent of the Intervention since its inception and I am therefore pleased and proud to be associated with this Report. In a speech that I gave at Parliament House, Sydney four days after the 2007 Federal Election, I said:

The breadth of the legislation is frightening and it significantly overrides the rights of many Indigenous people in ways that would not be tolerated by the ordinary Australian community. It is discriminatory and racist and bundles all Indigenous people together as potential pornographers, child molesters and persons habitually addicted to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

In that speech I commented:

By treating the Indigenous people in this way, the then...

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NT Emergency Response Still Ignores Aboriginal People

At a meeting of its 90 members in Tennant Creek on 25 November, the Central Land Council said that the Federal Government had squandered a valuable opportunity to reset the relationship with Aboriginal people.

CLC members said that the Federal Government’s application of the Racial Discrimination Act to the Northern Territory Emergency Response legislation still ignores Aboriginal people’s interests and its ‘special measures’ remain discriminatory.

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Australia Can Take a Stand on Talks with Hamas

Barack Obama’s election as US President was hailed around the world. He gave many people hope that the US would lead all of us to a new age of enlightenment.

Internationally, Obama has to deal with the fallout of Bush administration policies such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is also, more vigorously than any other president, tackling problems between Israel and the Palestinians. While the security of Israel must be inviolate, he has also made it clear that expansion of settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem must stop.

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Peace is our best defence

THE recent defence white paper is a depressing document. It claims stability depends upon the continued involvement of the US in the Western Pacific, and under the umbrella of an “extended” nuclear deterrent. By implication, our role is to do enough to earn American support should we ever need it. The assumption is that if a country such as Australia can earn brownie points and sufficient goodwill, we will be secure.

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