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Will They Be Heard?

This is an edited extract of the introduction to a report, co-authored by Professor Nicholson, on the consultations held by the Federal government over the future of the Northern Territory...

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NT Emergency Response Still Ignores Aboriginal People

At a meeting of its 90 members in Tennant Creek on 25 November, the Central Land Council said that the Federal Government had squandered a valuable opportunity to reset the relationship with...

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Australia Can Take a Stand on Talks with Hamas

Barack Obama's election as US President was hailed around the world. He gave many people hope that the US would lead all of us to a new age of enlightenment.

Internationally, Obama has to deal with ...

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Peace is our best defence

First published in The Age on 29 June 2009

Australia's defence white paper promotes methods from the past when we should be working towards a nuclear-free future.

THE recent defence white paper is a ...

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UK Law Lords Say Secret Evidence on Terror Suspects is Illegal

The future of the control order regime for terror suspects was thrown into doubt after a "historic" law lords ruling that it was unlawful to use "secret evidence" to place people under a regime...

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Where is the Tom Paine for Our Time?

In the build-up to the 1832 Reform Bill, radical critics of sinecures and rotten boroughs condemned old corruption by tapping ­political inspiration from figures such as John Milton, the radical...

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It’s Time to Get Practical in the Northern Territory

The endorsement of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People on 3 April 2009 is, along with the national apology to the stolen generation, a clear symbolic difference between the Kevin...

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At the Crossroads for Nuclear Disarmament

There has never been a better time to achieve total nuclear disarmament; this is necessary, urgent and feasible. We are at the crossroads of a nuclear crisis. On the one hand, we are at an...

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Remarks by President Barack Obama

Thank you so much. Thank you for this wonderful welcome. Thank you to the people of Prague. Thank you to the people of the Czech Republic. (Applause.) Today, I’m proud to stand here with you in...

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Hope for a new way forward with the Muslim world

It was a sentence of astonishing density: "To the Muslim world: we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect."

This is the only remark in Barack Obama's inaugural speech...

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